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 A collection of purposeful teas.

Steep in your lifestyle of sophisticated flavors with the Signature Collection, a celebration of life. Each signature handcrafted tea offers an experience of well-being and pure taste that will have Zen Potion becoming one of your necessities.

Product Offering: Healing Tea (7.5mg THC : 7.5mg CBD) and Time Travel (50mg THC)

Perfect for: Tea enthusiasts seeking calming to energizing elevations.

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A sensational experience.

Commemorate the special milestones in life with the Opulent Collection. These teas are crafted for wicked escalation while maintaining the essence of exquisite tea integrity. Redefine your next level of preferred lifestyle that you choose to encounter.

Product Offering: Nirvana (77mg THC) and Big Bang (88mg THC)

Perfect for: Houdini Surrogates.

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Zen Potion is the next generation of luxury beverage brand identified as the ultimate tea, coffee, and Magic Wand infuser experience. Known for the variety and unparalleled quality of Gourmet Teas. Artisan Coffees and Seamless Infusion Lifts with exquisite packaging and opulent approach, Zen Potion re-imagines and re-defines the personal beverage experience by delivering a delighting and luxuriant encounter. It is this intersection of extraordinary infusions and unparalleled presentation that creates Zen Potion an exceptional experience.

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Healing Tea 15mg 1:1, Time Travel Tea 50mg, Nirvana Tea 77mg, Big Bang Tea 88mg

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