Lemon Thai

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TYPE: Sativa

THC: Between 10% and 22%

GENETICS: Thai x Hawaiian Landrace

APPEARANCE: Dense nugs with hues of light and dark green and reddish orange hairs

SMELL: Lemon Thai smells like lemon juice.

BEST FOR TREATING: Fatigue, depression and pain

CREATED FEELINGS: Uplifting high that is relaxing and focused

DURATION: Around 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Jack Herer, Green Crack and Super Lemon Haze

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Lemon Thai is a sativa strain that is great for creativity and energy. It is a cross between Thai and a Hawaiian landrace strain. Its Thai genetics produce a very cerebral effect and thought provoking high. Lemon Thai, as the name suggests, smells strikingly similar to lemon juice. The THC percentage varies greatly depending on growing conditions, usually between 10% and 22%

Lemon Thai Strain Online- ease your stress and depression in best possible way

Lemon Thai Strain is Cannabis Strain mostly popular for its sharp small and dense buds which are slightly darker and perfect for those days that you need some encouragement and an extra happy, creative spark. This is an uplifting sativa that can offer you the cerebral effects that awaken your sense of introspection and an inspirative mindset and keep you happy. Apart from all these Lemon Thai has been found useful to smokers dealing with pain, insomnia, and other physical ailments, and helps you alleviate stress, depression, fatigue, and lack of inspiration among many other ailments and problems. But sometimes it is quite hard to find the original products from the local dispensaries. However, in this case, you can get Lemon Thai Strain Online and enjoy the real taste of this strain at the comfort of your home.

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