Bubba Kush

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LINEAGE: OG Kush x Bubble Gum

TYPE: Indica Hybrid

THC: 17%-23% CBD: .15-.4%

APPEARANCE: Bubba Kush is a visually attractive strain. It has an abundance of trichomes and short skinny red hairs. It has very tight resin coated buds.

SMELL: Very musky and sweet

TASTE: Great Kush taste that is sweet and earthy.

BEST FOR TREATING: Pain, Stress and Insomnia.

CREATED FEELINGS: Bubba Kush creates a relaxing body high. It is not to overpowering, but still packs a punch. It is not uncommon to become very sleepy when coming down.

DURATION: The high ranges from 2 to 3 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: OG Kush, G-13 and MK Ultra

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Bubba Kush is an indica strain. It was originally a cross of OG Kush and Bubble Gum. The resulting plants were then selectively bred for multiple generations to create the perfect bud, known as Bubba Kush.

This strain is adored for its wonderful taste. Although the high is not as heavy as some modern strains; the taste is undeniably out of this world. That is one of the main reasons Bubba Kush is so commonly grown today.

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Are you carving for a sweet smoke that can leave you relaxed, then Bubba Kush could be your perfect choice. This is the perfect 100% indica, strain that will not only help you relax your body but will leave you couch locked. Bubba Kush is also widely preferred and used by people suffering from depression, stress, and/or ADD/ADHD and can help you alleviate insomnia and relieve many ailments. During the smoke of Bubba Kush you can enjoy an earthy and sweet taste accompanied by a piney scent. So if you are really interested to experience this amazing vivid green and purple buds Bubba Kush strain then you can Bubba Kush Online and get the original products delivered at your doorstep.

Generally, this Bubba Kush is an indica strain that comes with heavy tranquilizing effects and offer sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee and delights your taste bud as powerful relaxation takes over. So if you are thinking to crush your stress and bring happy moods in a natural way, at marijuanastrainsworld, we are the number one recreational marijuana dispensary always stands with you to understand your unique needs and help the clients Buy Bubba Kush Online at a competitive price. We can also stock a wide selection of strains for all medical conditions and strive to offer you genuine products and the level of customer service at the lowest prices guaranteed. So you can enjoy the highest quality of cannabis that you are longing for.

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